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Popular stories, tagged supernatural and complete, ordered by reader boosts 1 year

The Dreams

coming of age complete dark dark fantasy dreams fantasy japan romance supernatural tragedy youkai

34 boosters


Terrestrial Magic

action adventure complete fantasy magic monsters mythic science fantasy supernatural urban fantasy

3 boosters


The Simulacrum of Dread

complete drama fantasy science fantasy supernatural weird

2 boosters


A Tale of Sorrow and Love: Book I

Turn pain into power

adventure angels apocalyptic coming of age complete fantasy supernatural teenagers

0 boosters


Do Not Take the Shells

Save us from the dangers of the sea.

complete dreams horror modern supernatural mystery supernatural

0 boosters



He's the boy of your... nightmares.

complete dreams high school horror supernatural teenagers

0 boosters


The Night Blogger: The Graveyard Game And Other Cemetery Plots

Stalking a world of secrets and nightmares...

complete horror humor modern supernatural monsters noir series supernatural suspense

0 boosters


The Cold Inside

What if you could do anything you wanted? What if no one could stop you?

coming of age complete dark fantasy fantasy supernatural urban fantasy

0 boosters


In the Shadow of His Nemesis

"In the end love makes monsters of us all."

complete dark fantasy fantasy horror supernatural urban fantasy

0 boosters


Above Ground

Mayhem, violence, and danger: a story about fighting the odds, and surviving.

adventure alternate universe complete dark fantasy fantasy monsters post-apocalyptic supernatural suspense werewolves

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