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Popular stories, tagged supernatural and dark fantasy, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

The Deathscape Cosmos

alternate universe dark fantasy fantasy horror short stories supernatural

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The Dreams

coming of age complete dark dark fantasy dreams fantasy japan romance supernatural tragedy youkai

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The Men in the Black Coats

action dark fantasy fantasy mystery registration required supernatural webcomic

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The Pandoran Artifacts

A collection of short stories about an ancient evil that releases a collection of dark, powerful artifacts unto the world, each designed to bring about the end of humanity.

angst apocalyptic black comedy dark fantasy death dreams fantasy horror magic short stories supernatural

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The Cold Inside

What if you could do anything you wanted? What if no one could stop you?

coming of age complete dark fantasy fantasy supernatural urban fantasy

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dark fantasy ghosts modern supernatural pdf available pdf only supernatural thriller

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Demons and Deadlines

Journalism can be Hell - Literally

cyoa dark fantasy demons experimental fantasy horror supernatural

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The Nick of Time (and other abrasions)

Tales of Paranormal Romance for people that couldn't get dates in high school.

dark fantasy fantasy humor series supernatural urban fantasy weird

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In the Shadow of His Nemesis

"In the end love makes monsters of us all."

complete dark fantasy fantasy horror supernatural urban fantasy

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Supernatural Fairy Tales Blogazine

dark fantasy dragons dreams fae fairy tale fantasy ghosts magazines magic mystery supernatural vampires werewolves witches

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Vampires are real and their hunters are made with one careless bite.

dark fantasy fantasy gay sex supernatural urban fantasy vampires

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Above Ground

Mayhem, violence, and danger: a story about fighting the odds, and surviving.

adventure alternate universe complete dark fantasy fantasy monsters post-apocalyptic supernatural suspense werewolves

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Refuge of Delayed Souls

Not your every day ghost story.

angels dark fantasy fantasy ghosts modern supernatural mystery pagan supernatural suspense

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