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Heart of Dorkness

Trying Very Hard to be a Good Monster

friendship gods magic monsters xianxia

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Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends

Tragedy? Check. Morally Dubious? Check. Edge Lords? Check. Badass mom? Check. Valkyrie twins? Check. Voted no. 1 LitRPG by that one dude.

action fantasy magic post-apocalyptic rpgs xianxia

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Dead Tired

No rest for the Liches

magic science undead wizards wuxia xianxia

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GOTA - God Of The Arts

action adventure fantasy gods magic martial arts revenge series sword and sorcery xianxia

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God's Trial

action fantasy magic martial arts romance xianxia

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Martial Void King

action adventure magic wuxia xianxia

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Rigel: The Savage World

A Journey in the world of Immortals, Supernatural beasts, Taoist cultivators, Gods and Devils.

action adventure fantasy magic series xianxia

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