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Popular stories, tagged young adult and dragons, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

Twilight Kingdom

Metal vs Magic

airships dark fantasy demons dragons shapeshifters young adult

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a half-monster navigating the magical post-apocalypse

apocalyptic complete dragons fantasy gay magic queer teenagers young adult

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The Dragon of Rosemont High

adventure coming of age dragons fantasy high school magic modern supernatural urban fantasy witches young adult

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Hidden Forge: Lucem Ac Tenebras

When a near future Earth becomes connected to a medieval world of magic, a man must forge a future for himself amidst the chaos.

adventure ai dragons fantasy friendship martial arts near future science fantasy young adult

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Order and Entropy

dragons fantasy high fantasy magic poetry politics young adult young love

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Black Moon

adventure dragons elves fantasy humor romance rpgs young adult

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That One Time I Went on a Quest

dragons fantasy humor magic young adult

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Dragon Queen

Dragons, dwarfs, and a girl trying to find her mother.

coming of age dragons fantasy high fantasy young adult

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The Rebirth of a Dragon

action dragons fantasy high school romance urban fantasy young adult

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