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Only Human After All

No matter how hard I'm grieving, how much I miss my husband, I know I don't want to die or become one of those mindless walking dead that thrives on brains.

post-apocalyptic series survival zombies

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Journal of the Living - complete web novel

Life after the zombie apocalypse.

action adventure complete horror post-apocalyptic zombies

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Days Ago Diary

blogfic diary post-apocalyptic undead zombies

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Corpse Wars

Star Wars Fans vs Zombies! No matter who wins we all lose!

horror humor post-apocalyptic series weird zombies

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The Turned

horror post-apocalyptic undead zombies

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The Apocalypse Blog

A real-time blog of the end of the world.

adventure apocalyptic blogfic diary horror post-apocalyptic suspense zombies

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