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Andy Crowley and the Grace of the Glass Grimoire

Somewhere in the multiverse, everything is a true story.

It’s 1986 and Andy Crowley is as much metalhead and Dungeon Master as he is sorcerer. Humble beginnings for one who – in thirty years – will rule all reality.

From Corbyville to Mars, through the United Hells to Limbo, join Andy Crowley, sole sorcerer of Sanctuary, Captain Kipling Kilroy, the renegade reaper Jasco, and The Banjoman of Limbo as they race for the most feared relic in all reality – The Glass Grimoire.

Beyond Earth, across the event horizon of Sanctuary Rim, and into the wider, wilder cosmos, where reality itself is the plaything of sorcerers, there is a saying…

“…Somewhere in the multiverse, everything is a true story.”

fantasy magic occult philosophy science fantasy space opera steampunk sword and sorcery

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