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For one hundred years, the nation of Vikaasthan has experienced a golden age of wealth, prosperity and culture. For a hundred years it has been the crown jewel of the world. Sabrina Bunahr, first and only daughter of Esteemed Maharaja Marthanda Bunahr and heir to the throne, is honoured to call it hers.

But when she is tricked by the dragon Ko-Kraham, it is stolen from her. Her kingdom, her family, even her name and face are stripped away by a cruel curse, and she is left helpless as Ko-Kraham impersonates her. Unable to tell anyone what has happened, or who she truly is.

Trapped in her own home, a prisoner of avarice and envy, Sabrina must find a way to win back her life. She must find a way to break the dragon’s curse, and expose the impostor who has stolen her birthright.

dragons fantasy high fantasy political thriller