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Boskeopolis Stories

Rhymin’ & Stealin’

Boskeopolis is an obscure city-state in the Verdazul archipelago in Orange Ocean ( or, as other countries call it, the Pacific Ocean ). It’s notable for its persistent violation o’ the laws o’ physics, biology, & economics — though, to be fair, real life doesn’t obey that last 1, either. As such, any inconsistencies within these stories should be blamed on glitches, for I’m ’fraid the world o’ Boskeopolis Stories is still just in beta.

Within that city dwells a perfectionist thief named Autumn Springer, who, with her timid skeletal partner, Edgar Winters, & sometimes with his cheerful chemist friend, Dawn Summers, goes on heists & explores wild lands for treasure. That is, when she isn’t mired in the various political, environmental, or personal calamities created by Boskeopolis’s other peculiar citizens; or isn’t dug into domestic concerns o’ work, errands, & her relationship with Edgar; or isn’t burdened by her own chaotic mental state.

Boskeopolis Stories plays round with a lot o’ genres, moods, tones, & styles, & its chronology isn’t straightforward, or e’en a single, consistent line.

adventure comedy depression experimental javascript required philosophy suicide surreal thieves

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