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Coma Imprisonment: Revolutions

What if all killers were struck down by a coma?

On August 8th, 2026, all killers are struck down by a coma, never to awake again. From that day forward, killing another human being is unavoidably punished by falling into a coma.

The many scourges of the modern world come to a halt as anyone who kills another human being instantly falls into the Coma Imprisonment.

All wars cease. Murder rates plummet. Terrorist mass shootings come to an end.

A life for a lifeā€¦ Biblical justice in the modern age.

"Coma Imprisonment: Revolutions" is a web novel that outlines the events surrounding the advent of the Coma Imprisonment and the after-effects of this unprecedented phenomenon.

The story follows three principle characters:

  • A high-ranking politician gets called to a role that she never thought would be offered to her in her lifetime.

  • A hard-living Chicago journalist gets thrust into the global spotlight as he reports on the greatest mystery humanity has ever faced.

  • A globally-renowned immunologist gets called to lead a consortium of scientists to try and understand the inexplicable phenomenon of the Coma Imprisonment.

  • Several vignettes outline the effect of Coma Imprisonment on the world.

Welcome to the world after the arrival of the Coma Imprisonment. A world where killing is unavoidably punished, every time.

apocalyptic dystopian experimental fantasy near future pandemic science fantasy