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Fear flows under city streets.

Darkeye is the tale of a future city overrun by genetically enhanced, hyper-intelligent wild dogs. Wrought from a misguided experiment, these dogs have run mankind to the brink of extinction and now rule their crumbling civilization.

When three young dogs, Mhumhi, Kutta, and Sacha, stumble upon two starving human children in a sewer pipe, they decide to spare their lives and bring them to safety. But there are few places left that are safe for humans, and with a looming famine and civil war, even fewer dogs willing to tolerate their existence. Mhumhi and his pack decide to smuggle the children underground to a safe haven in the city before they are discovered and eaten alive. But what they do not realize is that dogs are not the only creatures that have been genetically modified- there are darker horrors lurking deep within the sewers…

animals post-apocalyptic science fiction