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"They know not with what they meddle."

All things are.

We once dreamed of a sky filled with possibilities. Of neverending knowledge. But those were conceited times, filled with quibbling. Now we look up and fear the vastness. We fear the horror of our inadequacy. That there’s nothing beyond the edge of infinity. That there is no edge.

Humanity pulled itself together. Not like you’d expect, not like you’d approve of, but the results are spectacular. We call ourselves Utopians now, to make it simple for our kin in the cosmos. We’ve moved out into the Omniverse, to unlimited resources, and to dominance over the weak. Not for gain, but to the ends of permanence and peace. The cessation of their suffering.

At the apex, looking down on those confined, those unenlightened, we felt safe. So few stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Fewer yet of them are so united as we.

Porter, a godkiller for the Eidolons, is out of the job. Christopher, a Magus in the Guild, has him a new one, but with motives questionable. Kendall, a failing student at the Monastery, has to deal with secrets he never wanted. Anna, her entire life just fell apart, leaving her bereft. And Doran, he awakens. Each of these people, connected as members of the Omniversal Utopian Commonwealth are helpless to the dark truth closing in. Not even the artificial intelligence, Aku, keeper of all Utopian power, can stop the Ouroboros.

It’s not a new dawn. Twilight is setting. The good night calls to sleep and the light dies.

complete dark epic fantasy magic series