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Fight Crime! (A Love Story)

David Del Toro just wants to make the world a better place. It would be nice if he could find a way to do that without punching people, but as the superhero White Knight, that’s kind of in the job description.

Valentina Belmonte, AKA the Black Valentine, has one small, simple goal: to be the greatest supervillain who ever lived. Unfortunately, meddlesome heroes and her own backstabbing allies aren’t making that goal easy to achieve.

The two of them really shouldn’t fall for each other. But even with incredible superpowers, they just can’t fight true love. Yet if they want to survive long enough to be together, they’ll have to battle invisible assassins, their own personal failings, and a power-hungry, ruthless crime lord who can kill with a single touch.

anti-hero pulp romance series superhero telepathy thriller

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