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Flag on my Backpack

A symbol of a nation, heroism, and rock 'n roll

The story of a young woman who takes it upon herself to become the symbol of a nation. She was not the first, as her father was an example for her of what one person could do to instill pride in people.

The story of Canadiens, through the eyes of a father and a daughter. Flag on my Backpack was chosen as the title from a comment made by Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, just before the band started to play Fifty Mission Cap. “This is a song about nationalism gone astray. It’s called flag on your knapsack.”

Dominique Turgeon, also known as Canadiens, becomes a symbol of hope and pride as she fights against social injustice and the plight of the common man. A story of heroism, nationalism and rock an’ roll.

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