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Give In to Me

Falling for each is easy for Darzsa and Josiah, but facing their unspoken pasts won't be an easy feat in the Big Easy.

Darzsa’s been alone in New Orleans for years, and when weeks slip by following his veteran brother’s promised visit, the possibility to make amends slips away. A chance encounter with Josiah – dutiful, old war friend of his brother and partner to Spiritual Lottie Howard. Their stormy relationship gives Darzsa hope for the home he’s been missing.

But Darzsa has never believed in the divine, and ruthless Lottie will tear him apart to retain control of Josiah and protect her prodigious new church.

Ambitious medium Lottie upends their tumultuous pasts, threatening to rip apart what they have. Darzsa and Josiah will cling to each other to move forward, but their underlying motivations may break them.

gay gothic historical fiction horror queer romance

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