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Here After

The war of Heaven through the eyes of a child.

Ben was only 15 when he died. His life wasn’t exactly ideal. His parents were done having children long before he arrived, and it didn’t take him long to realize they didn’t exactly intend to have him. He was small, and awkward, and didn’t have a lot of friends. He tried really hard to figure out how to live, but he never really managed to fit in. He felt kicked around by fate, God, whatever it was that kept him trying so hard and failing all the time. If anyone had told Ben he’d die when he did, he would probably have considered it a mercy.

Unfortunately, death wasn’t the end of Ben’s troubles. Death, for Ben, was only the beginning. His soul half-ripped from the roots, Ben found himself in the clutches of something inhuman— a spirit that whispered to him, and took over when he was scared. Meeting an angel the night he discovered this didn’t make Ben feel any less crazy, either.

Ben can only remember bits and pieces of their first meeting. The angel arrived too late to save him. All he could do was free Ben from his suffering. Afraid to die, Ben begged for his life— and the angel spared him. Nathan looks after Ben now, trying to keep the malevolent spirit inside the child from wreaking havoc, and waiting for Ben to accept his fate. At least, that’s what Ben thinks is going on.

What’s really going on, well, that’s the story we present to you at Malakhim.

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