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Saving the world is at least as good as a hit record, right?

It’s the 1980s…

Iris Tanner should have been the next big thing. Her former band is opening for the hottest glam metal band of the moment, Mischief. But due to an accident, Iris is a ghoul, roaming the streets looking for dead flesh to eat.

Then Billy—tall, dark, and possibly a stalker—lets Iris know that Mischief is really a disguised group of pixies, bent on the destruction of the human race. Iris decides fighting to save the world is at least as good as a hit record. And since Billy doesn’t seem to be doing anything except following Iris around, he brings his brooding, beautiful face along for the ride. Pursued by the pixie police, captured by witches, and nearly eaten by black pixies, they find it’s a long way to the top if they want to rock and roll.

dark fantasy fae modern supernatural monsters urban fantasy witches