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Stencils from the Pantheon

The idea behind Stencils from the Pantheon is to create a piece of short fiction each month that is inspired by a piece of music. Having written a short novel based on a concept album composed by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, it is probably not a huge surprise that the song selections chosen are taken from the extensive list of songs covered by Phish. Aside from the fact that band tends to cover great songs, I also decided to focus on songs covered by Phish because of the tremendous variety that this list represents.

While these stories were inspired by particular songs they do not quote lyrics or represent any form of copyright violation. It’s not my intention to present a mirror image of the songs but rather to let the lyrics, mood, and song themes suggest an alternative reality where the circumstances of the song might take place. My aim then is not so much to represent an accurate depiction of the songs but rather to transform the songs into a valid literary interpretation.

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