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The Fenian Avenger

Ireland is in the midst of a great depression caused by the greed of the powerful to manipulate the country, plunging the people to new lows of desperation. Eamon Malone attends a private school where he is the only student. The oppressive school’s course work extends from traditional math and reading to rigorous physical conditioning, martial arts training, and the learning of black ops.

At age 17, Eamon’s parents are murdered and he escapes from the school’s custody to find the truth about their murder, and in the process, find out about himself. Along the way, he discovers he is capable of more than normal boys his age. The pursuit of his personal vengeance inadvertently turns him into a national hero and symbol of hope. He struggles to pursue his quest in a country where the police are in the pocket of the corrupted wealthy, and the Fenian Avenger stands in their way of meeting their goal.

dystopian fantasy superhero urban fantasy

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