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The Lives And Times Of The Fabulous Cornwall Sisters

The Fabulous Cornwall Sisters:

Quick-tempered, childish, and self-absorbed, Lacy Cornwall is an exotic dancer with a heart of gold. Whether it’s arguing with her sister Thea or holding a sex-toy party with her stripper friends (Shadowcat, Li’l Bit, Bianca, and Freaky Frieda), you can bet that Lacy’s in the center of the action, having a ball.

Dorothea (Thea) Wilhelmina Conrwall is sensible, level-headed and completely at the mercy of Lacy’s crazy ideas. Somehow she always gets sucked in to the madness and fun.

The Cornwall sisters will argue over anything, from two-headed quarters to not having enough money to pay for $450 plates of Kobe beef. In the end, you know they love each other, but you can’t help smiling at their antics.

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