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Eve of the Doomsday

She destroyed everything - it's her job to fix it

Eve Ziffer always believed that one day her nano-machines would save humanity. It needed to be saved—from pollution, from the climate change, from the wars. Yet in the end, her research instead turned out to be the thing that pushed it into the very abyss.

After surviving an attack and waking up from a six-years long coma that followed, Eve opens her eyes to see the world changed beyond recognition. Walking corpses roam the streets, and humans fight them with swords and superpowers.

Now Eve is the only person able to finish her own work and fix the nano-machines that brought this devastation. Whether the last vestiges of mankind would disappear, or would the human race rise like a phoenix from the ashes—all lies in hands of Eve and the people she will meet along the way.

They will fight and they will scheme and they will talk, because human vices are adversaries as bad as the zombies; and trials of friendship and love can be as perilous as any battle.


Victor leaned towards her face, burning her with his glare. “No.”

“I’m doing this for myself, for you and for science. Any single one of these reasons is enough to keep disagreeing with you.”

Victor’s eyes dropped to her lips. ‘There is more than a single way to dominate a person…’

Before he could even try to stop himself, he dived in, pressing his lips on hers. His hand grabbed the back of Eve’s head, another fell on Eve’s thin waist and followed the alluring lines of her figure to her hip. His body was burning with inner fire.

Eve was too shocked to think. She never expected for this standoff to end like it did. Victor kissed her as if he wanted to eat her. His bites stung, but his lips soothed. The heat of his hand burned her skin even through clothes.

Then Eve finally regained her sanity. She drove her knee into Victor’s groin. He gasped and bended in pain, letting Eve go. Before he could resist, she continued the combo with a strike to the back of his head and a submission hold on his arm.

“What are you doing?! I should’ve listened to Xia better. Men really are worse than dogs! How did I miss the moment when your brain had turned into mush, Victor?”

“I didn’t think that I would need to spell it out, but there can be no romantic interactions in work time, and no romantic relations between researchers and test subjects. More than that, I’m not interested!”

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