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The Galactic Series

Millions of years ago, millions of parsecs from Earth, two galaxies in the Virgo Supercluster collided. Nearly two million years from now, however, two civilisations - the Shango and the Qareen - each dominating half of the resulting collision, will fight the brutal Intersection Wars for dominance of the galaxy. Yet it’s what will come afterwards that will prove to be the real challenge; the separatists who will threaten to undermine the unity of their civilisations, the difficulty of keeping the peace brokered after the Wars, and perhaps most troubling of all, the intergalactic power of the Dharans, who will threaten them with conspiracies they may not have the power to defend themselves against…

Space opera series by Chelsea Tractor; no schedule, but updates often.

aliens futuristic political science fantasy science fiction short stories soap opera