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The Puzzle Box

On her way home for the Christmas holidays, Dora is given a mysterious box by her father. She also discovers that there’s a boy she’s never seen before in the back of the car — but he vanishes when she tries to tell her Dad about him. Then her Dad vanishes too: has he gone to work in London, or has he been abducted by a frightening black beetle? Perhaps the box holds the answer to all these questions — but it isn’t long before people are trying to take it away from her.

"The Puzzle Box" is a story for children and adults about magic and myth, in the tradition of C S Lewis’s Narnia books and "The Box of Delights" by John Masefield. It’s in 12 parts, updated monthly, due to finish in December 2008. It also has interactive, new media elements.

children environmentalism experimental fantasy magic mythic quest